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Ayoola Yam Flour

Yam tubers are of many varieties and species widely cultivated in the southern and middle belts of most West African countries, with Nigeria glaringly taking the giant lead even worldwide. Indisputably, with our years of experience in harnessing resources, it is difficult for us to run out of raw materials. Additionally, we are well positioned to use the most highly priced species (Discorea rotundata, otherwise known as white yam) as our choice of raw materials – a clear evidence of the premium our Yam Flour carries.

Healthy yam tubers are selected, trimmed and partially peeled, washed thoroughly in changes of clean water, sliced, blanched, dried, milled, sifted and packaged.

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Selection and use of premium raw materials as explained above ensures superior overall product quality.
Processing method – partially peeling the yam tubers makes the finished product to contain vitamin C reasonably. Also, controlled exposure of the yam tubers to atmospheric oxygen during processing and the medium heat employed during drying jointly give our yam flour a characteristically brown color, appealing flavor and appetizing taste.


Can be easily prepared and eaten with any soup of your choice. Widely eaten in all parts of Nigeria but prominently served in Western part of Nigeria. Also used as a thickening agent in preparation of some soups. Available in 0.9kg, 1.8kg and 4.5kg sizes.


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