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Lipton is a brand of tea and was also a supermarket chain in the United Kingdom before it was sold off to Argyll Foods, to allow the company to focus solely on tea. The company is named after its founder Thomas Lipton.

Sustainability and Lipton® Tea

What is sustainability? According to the United Nations Commission on Environment and Development, sustainable development “meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Lipton® is proud of our Rainforest Alliance Certified™ tea estate in Kericho, Kenya and our commitment to world-wide sustainability for Lipton® Tea in tea bags by 2015.

Discover what the Rainforest Alliance is and how your choice of tea makes a difference to the future. 

About the Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance is an independent organization that works with individuals, communities and companies who depend on the land, to reduce environmental impacts and increase social and economic benefits.

Rainforest Alliance certification encourages farmers to grow crops and manage ranchlands sustainably in three ways - environmental protection, social equity and economic viability. Since no single tenet of sustainability can support long-term success on its own, the Alliance helps farmers improve in all three areas.

Your choice of Rainforest Alliance Certified™ Lipton® Tea supports farmers working to improve their livelihoods and those of their families while protecting the planet for the future.

Our goal is to grow all Lipton® Tea sold globally on Rainforest Alliance Certified™ estates by 2015. Our plan includes a step by step approach, starting with our Rainforest Alliance Certification in Africa.


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